Monday, August 15, 2011

Shooter Shuttle

Video of the trolley moving us from Viale Range and the AM Garand Match to Rodriegez Range and the PM Springfield/Vintage match.

Every year it seems like the shooters have bigger carts and more equipment. When I started, many people carried their non-rolling shooting stool, wore their jacket, slung their rifle and carried mat rolled up on a scope stand over their shoulder. There weren't any commercially made rolling carts, only custom jobs made out of bent conduit pipe or lawnmower handles with lawnmower wheels.


Anonymous said...

Great point about "stuff". Add a second rifle if you shoot the Springfield and Vintage on Viale on the same day along with a small cooler (lunch and hydration, you know) and the load reaches the tipping point.

Robert Langham said...

I used to go to Perry with one AR. Shot the week with it. Now I take a bullseye AR, and Infantry trophy AR, a Garand, Springfield, Swiss K31 and Match rifle if staying over for the NRA Championship. Good thing I can't manage to squeeze in M1 Carbine.