Monday, August 1, 2011

Presidents 100.

I wanted to roll on the ground like a dog but people were still firing on both sides so instead I just had Randy Ent take my picture.

The Brain Trust crunching scores.

Sunburned Katie with her Kindle at the Mar-lu. She spent the day getting a sunburn on the dock.

Squadded with 6 folks on the firing line. 1200 or so shooting on both ranges. The top 100 get the Presidents 100 pin. I don't think they mention this kind of thing to Obama.
Two juniors, couple of old hands and US Army Major Baer on my point. Baer and I head to the pits first to pull targets. Seems like a great guy. Joined the army in 82 and came up through the ranks. Loves it. Worries about his country. We had a short stint and then came out to shoot.
I struggled through an offhand 93X1. (200 yards away shooting at a little bullseye target while standing up.) Shot an 8 out the bottom. Just tough, though conditions are pretty good. At 300 I put up a 99X3. Could have been better but it was a tricky wind call. It had gotten hot and I was slatherd up with sunblock and wearing my sunblocking-est long sleeves and hat. Running the water through the system as well.
At 600 I scored until they called a rain evacuation for a thunder/lightning/hail storm that was a few minutes out. Randy Ent had one round left when they sent us running for cover. I was at the back of Viale range with the Lankfords in a big shed when it hit. Very impressive. Sideways water and Hurricane Carla wind. Visibility about 50 feet. I thought we might be done.
They sent us back out about an hour later and, as Camp Perry does, the range was dry. Even my shoes didn't pick up anything from the grass walking the 400 yards back down to the 600 yard line. Randy got one sighter, the first CMP sighter I had ever heard of, and shot a 10 to finish. I got into position and shot an 8 at 4:00 for my first shot, then didn't drop another point. Finished at 290X7 for my first P100 medal. Nice to get. Jeff Lin, Keith Stephens, Greg Troxell, Dan Zelenka and Karl Schultz also made it. A really big deal. Congrats to all.
Dinner at Nicks where they have an M14 over the bar. Ice cream courtesy of David Keys at Andy's Ice Cream.


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Great shooting!

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Well done!


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That is outstanding Robert, and glad Katie is getting some time to enjoy. Congrats!!!

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Congratulations! Well done.