Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Skipping the Hearst Doubles, glad to have a day off.

Been drinking water, managing the system, sunblocking, aspirin, hat, long sleeves, dried fruit, nuts, blueberries. Watching the wind and running the rifle. Long days. This morning we got up earlier than usual and it was raining. Jeff Lin and I blew off the Hearst Doubles and took the day off. Glad to have a rest.
Katie and I had breakfast in Marblehead in a little place she found yesterday. Had coffee in Port Clinton. Had to buy a battery for the 4-runner at Walmart with a rescue from Jeff. Got to the range just in time to see the disgusted Hogg children come off the line a 600 from the Junior Match. Even Dave was shaking his head. They shot well up close but had a rough, rough time at 600 and lost any chance at a good score.
The good news is: They'll learn. Tough kids.

Emily Hogg.

A grim very Mitchell Hogg coming off the berm at 600 yards. That's good. He's ambitious not to let this kind of thing go on longer than it has to.

Katie talking to Alan Wilson.


Old NFO said...

Bad days make for 'good' experience... And getting back up after a failure/bad day will pay dividends in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I think we have all felt that pain.


P.S. After 11 years, I still feel it on occasion.