Thursday, August 25, 2011

Half Dome still killing 'em!

In Yosemite.

17th death this year. Park Rangers have cut the number of people able to be on the Half Dome Trail from 800 to 400. The 800 was without a trail pass. Now they issue 400 trail passes a day. Probably don't issue any during non-peak times. Pretty rough but easy to make a mistake and die.

Someone fell off the Mist Trail the other day. Dead.

Wish I had one more weekend planned there.

Most folks fall off the cables that go up the left side. Latest guy went down the face, right along the black stripe. The Mist Trail is below Vernal Falls about seven miles back from the summit where you really are just getting started on the trail.


Old NFO said...

Stupid... They think it 'can't' happen to them... The last thing through their minds is usually their assholes...

David said...

I don't know how stupid it is. I see people slip and fall on flat ground, ground they know well. It happens, and no amount of preparation can guarantee that it (gravity) will not happen to you.