Monday, December 8, 2008

Reloading Obsession

  The redhead asked me when I was going to be finished loading ammo.  Ha!  The answer is: Never.  Hard to stop when this scratches my obsessive itch so well.  You sort, clean, size, trim, load.  Many steps in a certain order.  I just pile my shoes in one area, don't lay out my socks, iron my jeans or count my staples but when you need twelve more LC 04s to make a box of 100 it's like playing Go Fish.

  Lotta ammo on the table.  Need more.  Got any WCC 05s?

  The Kid came home last night from his first overnight visit to his dad in four years or so.  He borrowed a rifle from me and shot a coyote and a 450 lb hog.  As revenge his dad sent the coyote hide and most of the pig meat home with him.  Divorce is an ugly thing.  God only knows what lice, ticks, fleas and vermin a December hide has on it and pig meat?  He called me looking for a freezer for a hind leg.  I passed.

  At the coffee shop we saw Trish the Dish.  She gave me the bit of shocking news that a mutual friend- Joanna Jones, had been shot to death by her boyfriend at her job.  Jones was a pixie-like Englishwoman, mother to a 10 year old girl and a delightful person.  And it's not just the accent and laughing at my jokes- she really WAS a wonderful person with disastrous taste in men.  She'd been in my studio as a stylist for several photoshoots.  Her boyfriend, Michael Scott Hudnall, killed her and then botched killing himself, shooting off his jaw instead.  I wonder who he thought he was killing when he shot my friend?


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend.

Anonymous said...

This put the lie to the statement that no one needs guns for self-defense, the police will take care of you. Maybe what is needed is a more open criminal records database so that people can look up and see who the psychos are so the can be given a wide berth. How great it would be if future potential victims could screen dates and give the violent ones a wide berth. The police sure arent going to tell anyone, until after a terrible crime such as this has been committed. Then they are like "oh yeah we knew all about him, he's been in the system for years." Gee, thanks for letting us know.

OMEGAdevcie said...

Hi !
Nice to hear your comments about Joanna.
She is my cousin and I was planning to visit her in Aug.

I will still be coming to visit and would like to meet up with some of her friends. I will be visiting in the first few weeks of Aug. You can e-mail me at Thanks

Kim said...

I dated that guy for a short time in about 1994. Glad it didn't work out. He was obsessive and controlling then. Awful.