Thursday, December 18, 2008

Daily Deercam

  Walmart had rechargeable lantern batteries on sale for 4.50.  Just in time.  Two dead rechargeables and one weak one.  Screw-in tree steps for a buck apiece as well.

  This guy is around.  Sign everywhere.  I didn't go across the creek because I had burned up the afternoon photographing nuns.  No kidding.

  Looks like he may have broken a brow tine.  They keep fighting.  A couple years back I had a buck go from an eight to a four.  He broke the crab-claws off both sides, fighting through December.  The rut is over.  I don't know what they are fighting about.   The next year I shot him when he was a ten.  He ought to be a good buck next year.  He's 2 1/2 in this photo.


Anonymous said...

Ah. They fight for the right to breed and pass their genetic code along. Does come into estrous every 28 days until they are bred and pregnant. The bucks (try though they may) cant take care of all the does the first time around so there will be hot does popping up all around them. It is enough to drive a buck crazy and it will do so.

Robert Langham said...

Yeah but the rut is over...and the second rut is over.