Monday, December 22, 2008

Daily Deercam

  Panic.  God knows why.

  The Bent-horned buck has made it to late December.  Front feet in the scrape.  He's 1 1/2.

  Youngster checking the licking branch.

  Working the scrape.  1 1/2 year old.  Dumb.

  Healthy mouse-eating coyote.  Seen him on cam a couple times before.

  Across the creek cam hadn't been visited since December 4.  High water, darkness, schedule.  Things have been going on over there!  Too dark to read sign when I crossed.

  Cold and dark time of the year.  Long US Army undermawears, lit a cheery pile of leaves before leaving and carried a flashlight.  No wind so it was comfortable out.  Does on the close cam but boring ones.


Anonymous said...

That is a pretty large coyote. I'm not so sure he achieved that body mass on a strict mouse diet. Probably had a lot more protein in it than mice would allow. Just my opinion. YMMV.

Robert Langham said...

I'm not missing any deer, though I bet they would take one if they got the jump. He is a show-class coyote, that's for sure.