Thursday, December 25, 2008

Worst Christmas Gift

  I'll open the nominations.  It's a pinata of a soldier.  So...we are hanging soldiers and beating them to bits?  Or what?

  And it's not mine.  It was a gift to a grown woman who has no soldiers in the family, no friends who are in the armed forces, nothing.   

  Out of the blue, apropos of nothing: a pinata soldier.  Kind of an ugly bad rendition as well.

Update:  maybe it's an Atlatl target!

UpdateII: Gave two prints from the Owens Archive as gifts.  Worked.  The Redhead got one instant regift, though it might just go in the Goodwill stack.  This soldier confusing.

Update III: So far, no copy of "Hell, I Was THERE!"  


julochka said...

ok, that is just disturbing in so many ways!!

Haji said...

I couldn't explain that if my life depended on it. Additionally, I'd probably have to have a stern "WTH" talk with the gift giver.

d smith kaich jones said...

Okay, as the lucky recipient, I need to give a bit more info. The giver of this lovely gift did think the face was hilarious, but was not happy at the idea of a soldier pinata, and didn't want anyone buying the thing & beating it to shreds. Which is all well & good & perfectly understandable, but why he thought it would make such a great Christmas gift to me, well, I guess my usually high tolerance for weirdness was factored in. So now I have this thing & know not what to do with it. PS - NOT Made in America.

Robert Langham said...

Might attract some Israeli smart bombs...
She'll do something with it. I'll report.