Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Land of Lincoln

  There just aren't any honest politicians from Illinois.  Not for the last 100 years.  It's all who you know and whether you are connected up there now.  Nothing left.

  Got more than one friend, all good men, really enamored of Obama.  They fell for those early speeches about new ways of doing things.  I've cautioned them, but it's like talking to folks who are high.  They are going to have to detox first.  Rough to watch, no point in arguing much about it, anymore than you could argue a drunk out of inebriation.  Just takes time and the experience of the world.

  Pretty cold showers on the way.  Too bad though, he's the President of all of us for at least the next four years, probably the next eight.

  This isn't a political blog.  It's about what interests me, usually stuff like boiling deerheads and trying to figure out a load for 600 yards.  Deercams.  Old guns.  Art.  The Redhead.  The Cat.  The neighbors.  Tracks in the dirt along Butler Creek.  The myriad joys of life.  I get the uneasy feeling that the government has ruptured in a way that's going to swamp the kind of life I aspire to live and leave for my daughter and get between me and happiness.  Hope not.  We'll certainly get to see.  I'm not going to let it make me unhappy but keeping a wary eye on it. 


catfish said...

I'm with ya, Robert. Right now it's a wait and see, kind of sleeping with one eye open deal.

Hoping for the best; preparing for the worst.

Robert Langham said...

Starting to look like their hair is going to be on fire too much to bother anyone else. Never can tell though. Four Republicans are the sponsors of a new Assault Weapons Bill. Nice guys. Patriots, probably.

GunGeek said...

I really really don't think he will get reelected. You've probably seen the list of what the conditions were like on election day-
Bad economy
President with horrid approval rating
Ancient presidential candidate
Press absolutely in the tank for one candidate
Low Republican turnout
etc, etc

and a change of 3% of voters would have reversed the election.

There were a LOT of people that only voted for him because of his skin color. They wanted to show the world, or just even ourselves, that we could elect a minority as POTUS. They wanted to take part in making history.

Well, folks, history has been made and we've elected a person of color. He won't have anywhere near the turnout for him that he had this time.

Hillary will run in 2012.

She's got all her friends in high places to keep tabs on Obama and everything he does. She's got herself in a perfect position for claiming the coveted foreign policy experience. She'll say "See, things haven't gotten much better- you should have elected me". She'll push for making history all over again by electing a woman.

And, since the Democrats don't actually trust the people to make the real decision as to who they run, she'll get the nomination.