Monday, December 1, 2008

Open Carry in Texas

  This isn't a TSRA action item.  Alice Tripp, the TSRA lobbiest, thinks its a little extreme and she is right on one count: the states that have it have it as a hold-over from an earlier era or something government overlooked.  NO state has established open carry in the modern era, say, 1920 to present.
  It would be an uphill climb.
  LEO's open carry in civilian clothes all the time.  They hang a badge next to the gun and that is supposed to ID them enough.  These days though, when the FDA meat inspectors and the Fire Chiefs building inspectors and city lawyers all pack openly, it's hard to make a case for the peasants not having the same opportunity.  Heck, just issue some badges to unwashed scum.
  I'd like to open carry.  Sounds fun.  Smells like freedom.
  Story in the Dallas paper today.  Petition here.  No chance in hell of getting someone to carry a bill this session.  One thing Alice mentioned- when this is rolling around the legislature it gives the anti-gun folks something to concentrate on and keeps them from doing real damage.  That might be worth the fight right there.

Update: Jeff at Alphecca is talking about it as well.

Update II:  Jacquelline Floyd wrote her column about this in the Dallas Morning News but I can't find a link yet.  Hard to tell if she was for or against.


Anonymous said...

You know, I've been to Arizona where anyone can carry openly but need a permit to carry concealed.

It can be a little unnerving the people that walk around carrying a 1911 .45 Auto in a holster on their hip. Almost no one carries an extra magazine though. THAT is confidence in your ability to either deter violence or handle it in 8 shots or less. Even Dirty Harry carried 3 speedloaders (18 rounds total plus 6 in the .44).

I think it would unnecessarily complicate your wardrobe selections for the day, brown holster with black gun and black belt or take the cordovan? Difficult choices.

Anyway if the feces were to hit the ventilator and an armed robbery were to be in progress when I entered an establishment I wouldnt want the bad guys to put a "shoot him first, he's armed" tag on my chest. I'd would rather be the one to make the decision (unlikely) to join the gunfight or not. Just doesnt pay to be the guest of honor or the center of attention sometimes.

Robert Langham said...

Be nice to have the option anyway, wouldn't it? You could decide yourself.

Anonymous said...

Just issue those joke "U.S.
Taxpayer" badges to everyone. Ya wanna badge, I gotta badge right here.

WV: baust- the dumber brother?

Anonymous said...

We've all heard the saying that "If they outlaw guns, only OUTLAWS will have them." right? Does anyone think that if all guns are made illegal to posses that the people with ill intent are going to comply!?!

I truly believe that if more states had open carry options, the national crime rate would drop dramatically if for no other reason, the visual

If some one is going to do something wrong, he/she does not want to draw more attention to themselves.

P.S. I carry a .45 1911, and yes I am quite confident in my skill and ability to use it, however one never knows how many bad guys one might encounter, therefore, I DO carry an extra mag. Safety in numbers right.