Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Flabbergastion Continues.

  Lawdog is from another planet.  That's the only explanation.  Most LEOs don't have a comment about illegal orders- happy, (as in Katrina) to go along with them.  Now he's actually advocating open carry in Texas.  This is unheard of in his circle.

  I hope he has 1000 children.  He's a rare human being and a formidable, nuanced advocate of human rights.  My respect grows.  Everyone ought to read him every day.

  Full disclosure:  I've got a LEO friend who WAS a sniper at Ruby Ridge.  He didn't get to shoot.  He complains that Horuchi is a hell of a guy, got a raw deal and that they ought to have been allowed to kill everyone on the top of that hill.  I've got another close LEO friend who watched FBI folks load both metal doors on a truck and drive away at Waco, then testified to the same in front of the judge, (not jury).  I've heard personal accounts of lots of this stuff. 

Update:  Make that two folks with commissions: Cowtown Cop is on the side of the Angels.


Unknown said...

Cowtown Cop is also pro open carry.


Robert Langham said...

Lordy. TWO LEOs who will come right out and say they support this? Time to pick some lotto numbers, the planets are lining up!