Sunday, December 21, 2008

If you don't like the law....CHANGE it!

  I hear that a lot.  It presupposes that the laws are affected by citizen input, or that laws COME from citizens demanding this or that.

  Interestingly, here's a laundry list that a state bureaucracy wants passed...not citizens- but a powerful subsection of the state itself.  Very little if any citizen involvement.  The bureaucracy wants this list so as to empower....the bureaucracy.

 You don't think they will put on uniforms and go testify as to what good ideas these are, thereby using their prestige and influence as to get their list passed do you?

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Anonymous said...

Isnt that like letting the inmates run the asylum? They decide what is a crime, how it should be prosecuted and under what enhanced penalty section, they apprehend the individual, provide physical evidence and testimony.

We should pray that nothing happens to the Grand Jury system.