Monday, December 1, 2008

Acorn Crop

  Not any good on the East Coast but for the record, damn good here.  You could skate on acorns through the woods in Smith County.
  I've noticed how cyclical the pecans and acorns are in town and the deer hunters always talk about it.  I've never seen a NO-acorn year though.


Anonymous said...

Yea...we have an acorn tree in our front yard. Last year was an especially bountiful crop, but, as you observed, it seems to be cyclical.

But I've also never seen a year go by without some acorns.

Used to have three of them in the neighbor's back yard that overhung our fence and dumped HUGE numbers of the verdamt be-hatted squirrel attractors onto our diminutive lawn and into the pool...until Isabel knocked one of them down onto my house and damaged the other two so badly that they had to be removed.

I miss the shade, but not the nuts.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough one of the Texas Forestry guys told me that Oaks set fruit one year and bear it the next. I think that means that a given tree will have acorns every other year in in laymans terms. Now to find a layman.