Saturday, August 2, 2008

Vintage Day On Rodreigez

We started off with Garands on Viale Range. Up dang early, as usual and out the door by six. I've seen every sunrise at Camp Perry for the last week. This morning their was a cloud of gulls wheeling over the beach. Last nights storm might have brought them together. Seems as likely to scatter them buy Justin Utley and I rolled out on the range under a sky solid with gulls from horizon to horizon. I wonder how they recognize each other? If you are a gull and have a special friend, I think you might need a secret handshake.
Yesterday I saw a tracer round out of Justins issued ammo burn through the nine ring. This years vintage Greek HXP 30-06 has few friends. I shot Rick Crawfords Garand and had the same problems: Shots not on-call, poor groups. I made the Gold Medal round just through dumb luck. Got Gold medal and T-shirt and headed for the trolley.
Switched from Garand to Vintage and Viale to Rodreigez at mid-day for the next match. I was sweating getting there but arrived very early. Gregg Foster and I were shooting my K31 and I had to get it out of the trailer, grab the ammo and get over to the next range. I did it, but no Gregg, so I went to the pits first to pull the target for the other pair on my firing point. Nice guys, one Marine named Burns was shooting a Schmidt Rubin 1911. Pretty well. He shot up the X-ring at prone slow fire with a 99X5. When I came out Gregg was there and we had a chance to shoot. I had two mags so the rapids were pretty easy. I had to hold off to take care of the windage as the wind was coming in off the lake. It dropped as I shot through the course of fire.
Gold in the Vintage. Gregg beat me by four points with my own rifle
Wouldn't the Swiss guy who was issued this rifle back in 1936 be shocked that it was being shot in Ohio, by Texans, at the National Matches for Gold Medals.
The medals they give you are little pot-medal things on a ribbon. They are OK, but mass produced and cheap. The only place you can wear them is from the range to the truck as you roll your cart off the range and they kind of clank together as you walk along.
So we did.


guycromwell said...

16th in the nation. A good day with the old swiss. What a great rifle. Were you using GP11 Ball?


Windy Wilson said...

The Swiss guy would probably only be surprised by the Ohio and Texan part, not the nationals nor the gold medals.

As for the HXP, what year was it? At the CMP Western Games at Camp Pendleton in 2006 they used '71 and '72 HXP with no audible complaints.

I'd like to know, because I have some '77 and 78.

Robert said...

Using GP11 Swiss Ball, though I think it's pretty matchy.
Have to check on the HXP. Last year, few complaints. This year, not so bueno.