Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Coon War V

  A little worry.  Doe only has brought in one fawn the last couple of days.  Plenty of Coyotes out there, and Bobcats.  Plus cars, drowning, bad luck.  All the usual.  Or it could just be off cam a bit.  The fawn ON cam is eating corn.  Still in spots but growing like mad.  They look to be getting to big and fast for coyotes, but the coyotes can always get lucky.
  Young female in the trap.  Two raccoons on cam.  Going to cease fire after I check the cam tomorrow and monitor the situation.  They should have been too smart to get in the trap today but they might still be hungry from the disruption of the storm.  Can't hear the creek today so the water has dropped.

Update: A doe found dead at lakeside early spring- her fawn showed up with this doe and her twins, then dissapeared...that's two fawns missing.  Haven't been to the creek crossing because the cam across the creek was swiped- the creek crossing is where I saw a Cougar/mountain Lion track in Feb.  Haven't seen enough different deer this year to see deer beat up by lion attacks- the one time there was on in the area last summer their were some grievious injuries on deer- many of which looked like close escapes from a pursuing big cat.

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