Saturday, August 23, 2008

Buck and Colt Naked in Maine.

  TSA made sure no pocketknives made the trip.  Maine doesn't have reciprocity with Tejas so I'm out of luck on carrying a roscoe around, not that there is anyone worth shooting up here.
  You can't believe how few Black folks we've seen, must be a huge Klan presence in every village.  (Bush lied: No Sagging)  And Mexicans?  Forget about it.  We were standing outside the North Face store across from LL Bean in Freeport and a dumptruck made the corner....driven by a little  gringo woman with perfect hair and makeup.  52 yards of fill dirt: No illegals.  I think I even saw nail polish.  They must be cooking and eating them.  "Maine Guide to Cannibalism, Maine Guide to Inferior Races, Maine Guide to Securing the Border" not in evidence at the bookstores, but maybe those aren't the bookstores the REAL local folks go to.  
  I've got the feeling that all those Subaru-driving educated locals are speaking in a secret code.  Ayh.
  Maybe they are doing something with illegals in the winter when its dark and cold and everyone has gone home.
  It's the damndest thing.  
  Weather good for unarmed folks with zero civil rights walking around.  I'm assuming they recognize my Drivers License so I have allowed myself a rent car. 
  Miss all my brothers and primos.  And arms.  Tide UP!

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