Sunday, August 24, 2008

Maine at at the Table

  For background, and to satisfy the cravings of my sweet naturalists tooth I've been reading "The Secret Life of Lobsters" while up here in Surry, Maine.  I cruised through it and picked up "Freakonomincs".  I'll be smarter when I get home.
  Meanwhile we slept a night on the beach listening to Saw-whets and loons and spotted the seals, caught Mackarel to eat over the fire, chucked at the dogs, fed the fire and watched the light.
  Then the stars.  Quite the celestial show with the Milky Way strewn across the bay and Jupiter shining.  The Big Dipper was so plain that you could point it out to the blind.  The Redhead says this is the best vacation ever.

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