Monday, August 25, 2008

East Blue Hill Locktimes

  I wrote a little piece that mentioned that folks don't lock their homes, cars, businesses, et, et up in these parts.  We dropped by Sergi and Catarina's new house in East Blue Hill this afternoon on the ride back from Stoneington.
  They have a hell of a house- not ala carte- it's designed, sited.  Quite the stunning place.  They weren't home and I left a business card on their door....and noticed....not only is it not locked...the door doesn't HAVE a lock.  They don't just NOT lock it, they CAN'T lock it.  
  I'm floored.  This must be the Shire where everybody knows everybody. 

  Update:  Castle Doctrine doesn't have a chance here.  If you can't LOCK your front door you won't be shooting strangers that walk in.

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