Monday, August 11, 2008

Mardi Gras Shipwreck

  This recovery was launched back in the early Spring and just lasted a few days- enough to recover most of the artifacts from 4000 feet about 200 miles off the Louisiana Coast.  I'm fascinated with this kind of stuff.  The wreck was found by an oil company ROV surveying a pipeline route on the bottom of the gulf.
  There was quite a chest of weapons and they have dated the cannon. Eventually they will be able to name the ship I expect.  Some maker marks may be found on the small arms.
  Every year when I start photographing for the Texas State Rifle Association calendar I think about going to Collge Station and Texas A&M to get some photographs from their historical collections.  
  They have LaSalles Cannons.   They even have one of his ships, the La Belle.
  Can't have too many cannons.

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