Sunday, August 10, 2008

Infantry Trophy Match at Camp Perry, 2008.

 Six shooters to a team.  Eight targets.  Targets are exposed 50 seconds at 600, 500, 300, and 200 yards.  384 rounds per team.  64 rounds per shooter. 
  At least two shooters are shooting two targets each.  Usually it's the shooters on either end shooting "the swing". 
  Four points a hit at 600, three points a hit at 500, two points a hit at 300 and one point per hit at 200.
  Each silhouette with at least six hits get squared: hit three targets at least six times and you get nine bonus points (3X3=9)  Hit all eight and you get 8X8=64.  You have to hit and square all the targets.
  No sighter shots.  The windage is called by the coach at the line.   You can't miss.  Everyone must have good zeros.  No alibis for guns jamming or quitting.
  The line caller says: "Team Capitans, move your teams to the line" then you hear "load and be ready".  Then the targets come up and away you go.  You advance from yardline to yardline dressed to a flag carried down the middle of the range.
  Nez Rongero and Katie Foster handle the explanation.

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