Monday, August 4, 2008

Real Manly Food at Rock River

   (Or: Goodbye and thanks for all the fish!)

  Rock River on Commercial Row had hot dogs all week.  Springfield Armory had Tea, Gatorade and popcorn.  
  I haven't counted my pens though I was discombobulated during the LEG match when a guy on the firing point pulled out  CMP blue pen and it didn't WORK.  He tried making those little circles you make when a pen dies in the corner of the scorecard.  No luck.  He tossed it back in his cart with a disgusted grunt and started searching for another.
  "Pen from last year?" I offered, hopefully.
  "Dunno", he said.  "I've swiped so many of them over the years that they are the only pens I own."

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