Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Squirrel Water

  It's been really dry.  Came home to Texas and the lawns are dusty and leaves hanging limp.  This morning we got a trace of rain from the tropical storm that blew in on the Texas coast.  I was driving to my studio and a squirrel was out in the street hunched over apparently....smelling the bricks.
  We are in the Tyler Azalea District and the streets are paved with real ceramic brick laid down in the 30s.  They've worn and developed a little concave feature that was holding a few drops of water. You can't even see it unless it rains.  The squirrel was going from brick to brick drinking these little pools of water.
  I thought about where the nearest open water is from the studio.  It's about four hundred yards or a little less down to the rock lined creek.  Probably beyond this squirrels territorial range.
  I've seen them wire walk and climb brick buildings but I had never seen this before.
  Earlier we were watching a squirrel across from the coffeeshop that is notable because of his tail, broken and hanging limp in the last 1/3.

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