Sunday, August 10, 2008

Daily Deercam

 She didn't bring her fawns but she did stop by for a the middle of the day.  The other frames show her looking back often to where she had stashed the fawns.  Smell of catfood in the trap may have put her on caution, or the raccoon blood.

  I wear cheap rubber boots in the woods around the lakehouse.  Good protection from nearly everything at ground level, plus they cut the scent way back.  Nothing worse for scent than an old pair of worn, sweat-soaked boots.  When I'm rattling I spray my rubber boots with deer scent going in and have had bucks follow me to my blind, sniffing every footfall.  
  They are also soft enough to feel the ground beneath your feet.  Not as good as mocassines but better than a harder boot.

  Alan loaned me another Moultrie to put across the creek.  Slightly different bunch of deer over there.

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