Monday, August 4, 2008

Blood and violence at the National Matches: Assault Rifles!!!!!

A week among several thousand people with assault rifles, copious ammunition, knives, et, et. Nobody controlling them except their own culture, the gun-nuttiest of the NRA-assault rifle, camo-clad gun nuts. The people liberals HATE because they are so, you know, VIOLENT. Every police chief and mayor of any city of size would destroy these dangerous tools and lock up the owners without batting an eye. The streets would be SAFE, you know? If we could only get these guns under control.
Kids with guns! Kids from California with M1As, never mind the AR15s. Or theP17 one was shooting, or the old Springfield 03, Garands, et, et, et.
FREAK out, If Obama and Pelosi saw this.  Major.
So, I probably saw lots of shootouts, accidental injuries, fatalities, confrontations with civil authority, dead kids, et, et during this week among these astoundingly armed people, correct?
Blood, blood, blood! They MUST be hiding the bodies. It's a perfect conspiracy because the worst thing I saw was Hanna-the-Californian junior's unsunblocked sunburned ears.

Update:  And they were buying MORE guns, ammo, reloading supplies, accessories, T-shirts celebrating guns.  It was just enough to make Pelosi puke!

  And they all seemed so damn happy about it.


Windy Wilson said...

Thanks for posting about Camp Perry. I appreciate all I can read about it. I had hoped to get there last year and then this year when things started to look up financially, but no luck. Perhaps next year.

catfish said...

Probably the same reason there are no mass murders at gun shows....

Robert said...

You get in free and you can live on Rock River hotdogs, reception snacks. Plus there are the pens, of course.