Saturday, August 2, 2008

Coffee-free National Matches.

Hardly a cup of coffee all week. Seriously. I usually drink Brady's with a refill every morning of the world. No difference or effect. No withdrawals. Just no coffee.
Clean living, up early and to bed early, sunshine, lots of walking and outdoor activity, playing nicely with others. This is as good as kindergarten.
Shaved before I came due to a industrial mistake: (Wrong head on the trimmer) Helped with a cheek weld on the AR but the Redhead decreed that I needed to return to Texas with regrowth.
It's working.
They give us a T-shirt for every event so I have Springfield, Garand, Vintage and M1A Shirts stuffed here and there. New wardrobe.
Sunblock. Green grass. Fresh air. New clothes. No coffee.

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jprobst said...

Hey do you know who were the winners for the Illinois Junior High Power Fund Raffle?(The results were announced ate Springfield Armory on Aug 1.)
Checked out your YouTube Channel. Really enjoyed your "Improving your Shooting" series.
Take Care,
Jake Probst