Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Texas State Rifle Association Garand/Springfield/Vintage/Carbine Championships.

 Doc Range last year on the line with his Garand.

 This weekend.  You can shoot your old rifles, as much as you want!  Plus there is a bullseye pistol LEG match, the largest in the whole country outside of Camp Perry!  Saturday and Sunday at the Terrell Rifle and Pistol Club.  It's a team fundraiser for the Texas Highpower Rifle Team.  Run by the great and competent folks at the club.  I'll be shooting both days and trying to win one championship or another.

  The TSRA, by the way, is responsible for EVERY SINGLE ENLIGHTENED TEXAS FIREARMS LAW IN TEXAS.  Without them, they would have made us into Chicago, or worse.  Concealed carry, (and the updates that make that law more rational every session.)  Car carry.  Castle doctrine.  Parking lot possession.  Hunting with suppressed rifles.  Crossbow hunting.  They did every bit of it.  Amazing that Texas hunters and shooters are clueless about this.  You ought to be a member.

  Did they do it without you?  If so, SHAME ON YOU.


I think that's Mitchell Hogg shooting my Les Baer in the Pistol LEG.

Five State Vintage Champs and one National Champ with this little Swiss K31.

Utley and I won Distinguished Pistol badges last year.  Double Distinguished.