Saturday, October 20, 2012

Daily Deer Cam, 2012 edition

  Put out cams yesterday and picked up two who stayed on the trees for six months with no supervision.  Downloaded a few files from them.

  Lots of scrapes working, all in the usual places.  My corn had gone weevil-ey.  Lucy remembered all the trails and just picked up a couple of ticks.

This guy made it.  He's a year older now.  

Skin tag doe and the skin tag looks like it got bitten!

Marked up little nubbin buck.

Nice big buck who made it.  Ought to be a monster this year.

Annual wandering big boar.


Little Kitty.


All from late last year.  I think the batteries ran out in late February or early March.


Bob said...

If that last photo had a little red bow tied on top, I'd say it was Zippy the Pinhead. Must be Grampa Bigfoot with a fur problem.

Old NFO said...

Yep, that big buck should be a GOOD one this year!

Robert Langham said...

Be great to see him. I'm due a buck this year. Didn't kill one last year.