Monday, October 3, 2011

Texas Service Rifle Championship at Camp Swift.

October weather was crisp and clean. The match directors and stat folks go there Thursday night and stayed up late working on the paperwork. Ken Gaby, Dave Wilson, Keith Stephens, Karl Schultz and Alan Wilson did an incredible amount of behind the scenes work to get everything sorted and set. Charlie Wallace, Don Tryce and Rick Tanner had the range ready.
Windy on Friday for the Team Matches making some low scores. Jeff Lin, Tony Miller, Alan Wilson and I won the 4-Man President's 100 match by a point over the guard team. 14 teams on the line. Alan, Jeff and I shot the Infantry Trophy and were second by a good margin. The Bent Bores won with a nice effort in switching winds.
110 folks on Saturday for nearly perfect conditions. Scores soared in offhand on a full firing line. Justin Utley had been sprung from his new job with the Tyler Police Dept to come down and defend his title so he was on target 16. He shot a 196 and Keith Stephens shot a 197 offhand. I shot a 194.
Conditions held for sitting but at the 300 yard line the Camp Swift winds started reversing for prone rapid. It never was much but proved to be very unreliable frequently switching during the two 10 shot strings of rapid fire. The leaders all came away with 195s.

By the time we got to 600 the winds were switching, picking up and letting off and dying to dead calm. Very hard to get consistent conditions and several times the whole line would shoot shot far out to the left or right for no reason that could be seen. Very tough and frustrating.

Justin Utley won his 5th Service rifle Championship with a 782. I was second by three points at 779. Keith Stephens was tied with me but one "X" back for third. Rick Crawford would have been proud to see the top scores all piled together.

Sunday, the LEG match opened with enough people on the line for an unprecedented 8 LEGs. The top eight non-Distinguished Competitors would get points toward their badges.
I was on Target 17 with Keith Stephens, Karl Schultz and Rick Tanner. Karl was looking for points as the rest of us were DRs. Conditions were better than Saturday. By the time the dust settled at 600 Clay Hefner and Jason Machelli had legged out. Bailey Fairchild, Justin Burns, Roger Lankford, Karl Schultz, Dan Ramsey and Mauss had won points.

It was a very successful, large and well-run TSRA Championship. The Panola Club Championship and the TSRA Long Range Championship is the next weekend followed by the TSRA Garand/Vintage/Carbine/1903 match at Terrell. There are lots of opportunities to shoot this month!

The brain trust works on match prep late into Thursday night.

Keith Stephens and a Junior Infantry Trophy Team including Travis and Clayton Rogers.

200 offhand during the TSRA Service Rifle Championship.

Winning Junior 4-Man President's 100 Team.

Governor's 20: Top 20 in the TSRA Service Rifle Championship.

A scene to warm your heart: Kid with Assault Rifle on the line at Camp Swift. More please!

People with points: Eight legs worth of Bailey Fairchild, Mauss, Dan Ramsey, Justin Burns, Roger Lankford, Karl Schultz, Machelli and Hefner.

All Distinguished Rifles on deck, including the two newest, Jason Michelli and Clay Hefner.

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