Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Arming up for Bambi.

Ruger with a nice buck from 2009. I'll be in a big Oak right above this very spot.

Cousin Wallace made a list of the hardware he's going to pack in the naem of chicken-fried backstrap. I was impressed with the power and the historical arc of his shooting irons.

I'm going to pack the Ruger #1 7X57 for bucks here in Smith County, maybe pack the new Rem 700 for does up in Red River county and lug around a few historical bolt guns while guiding.

Anyone else got any ideas? Email a photo to Blackfork6@aol and I will post your hardware here.

Kragged doetag.

Springfield 1903A3, my Camp Perry and TSRA target rifle.


phlegmfatale said...

You had me at "chicken fried backstrap."


TheMinuteman said...

Out here when hunting elk I carry a Ruger M77 MK-II in 300 WSM. Nice, light weight, forward mounted long relief scope. Handy for trudging through the brush and being quick to ready. WSM is flat enough between 100 and 300 I'm good with only a minor hold required to 500 which is unlikely 90% of the time in that area.

For deer if I'm out in the open of the Palouse I'll take my Kimber 8400 in 308. It's a bit heavy, 9 lbs, but is nicer if I'm shooting distance which is usually the case when hunting through the fields.

Wife uses a R700 7mm'08 all around.

I'm still sad I can't make it out hunting this year. Goal is carve it in for next year.

m_reichert58 said...

I still use my SKS with JHP bullets. I have a small 4x30 scope mounted on the reciever and it suites me just fine. Many a deer and hog have sucumbed to the SKS.

Rabbit said...

I'm still planning to use my semi-custom Swede 94. 16 inches of precision bullet spinner with 1950's vintage sights and Dayton-Traister trigger/action mods in a Rynite stock. The only thing that could be better would to be using my K-31 and sending successful hunt pictures to its previous owner in Switzerland, or pulling the 1898 Orberndorf Swede out of mothballs.