Thursday, October 13, 2011

Range day.

A cute rifle that chanced by at a great price. Probably never fired. It's a divorce spin-off. Probably need some low scope rings rather than the mediums that are on it. Scope came over from my 10/22. Always wanted one but need to sell something I'm not so crazy about anymore to cover it. Anyone want a Colt .32 acp 1903 pocketmodel that's quite functional but kind of beat?

Box of pistols. Les Baer .45 in front. Ruger MkI ,22 that my Dad bought me last century in the middle and a Tam-inspired gunbroker replacement for Dad's stolen K22 Smith and Wesson revolver on the far end. You just never outgrow a good pistol, I guess.

Night rifle. Just took it out in the side yard in the dark and can see the crosshairs just fine. I guess I will have to zero it at night. At least I won't make a big racket doing it.

Out to 31 West Range this afternoon. It's getting a lot of maintenance work now that Bob Dodgen the old owner is gone. The front fenceline is clear. Tree guys were busy chipping wood from cut branches. I set up a little Remington 700 that chanced by as a good deal, boresighted and got it zeroed at 100 in four rounds of precious M852. Last 168gr MatchKing was at a silhouette some guys were shooting at. I picked out a little labeling about the size of a quarter up in the corner and shot a hole through the nine oclock edge of it. Put on one more quarter minute right and cased it.

Worked on zeroing a night vision scope but had trouble seeing the reticle. Nervous with that scope in daylight anyway.

Fired my Les Baer at 50 yards and 25 yards. If I shot these scores I would win almost any match. Just keeping the timing down. The home ammo factory has been cranking out .45 acp match lately.

Occurred to me that I really am an OK shot with most rifles and pistols. Things usually go about where I put them.


Old NFO said...

Good times, and a nice little selection! If you need FGMM in 168 I think I've got a case left.

Robert Langham said...

Going to shoot something really light, like a 124 softpoint for whitetails!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Regarding sighting in the nightscope you might check the objective lens cover. Some of those have a tiny little pin hole in them so that you can put the cover on and sight in during daylight. You're right about being careful with them though.

Anonymous said...

Saw where you're having timing issues with your bullseye pistol ammo. Surefire has a free app for the iphone that times shots so you can see what your spacing is. It's called .... wait for it.... ShotTimer. Who'd a thunk it?