Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Daily Deercam

Little buck hanging around.

Day and night.

Nubbing buck. Just out of spots.

That's his mom. He'll be frantic when the rut is on and she is running all over the place.

Little buck hanging out on the upper cam. Thick brush in there. The corn is bringing him in. It's my last working cam for a bit, so I'm glad to have him. Way too little to shoot but maybe his grandfather is around. Couple of does as well, plus some little nubbin bucks. Coons, jays, squirrels. I've got a chair up in the tree.

Lucie jumped a big armadillo on the trail over and it ran into a hole it couldn't get into. She got to sniff it up close and get it to buck and grunt. Looked like a big male. I'm sure she will check that hole from now on.

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