Saturday, October 8, 2011

Panola Club Championship.

Some blasts from the past showing up. Not just John Dunaway and Ron Chatelain but Richard Schultz showed. I blew a chance to win the championship when I decided to clear a jam in 200 rapid and ended up saving a couple of rounds. 20 points in the two shots. If I had shot two eights I would have won walking away.
Shot the Match rifle OK at 600 with a 195X10 and never touched my windage knob. Funny how you can struggle with some slight disharmony in position and then get it sorted out and really get shooting. Took about six shots of the 22 shot string before I felt like I was handling the fundamentals, then it was a walk in the park. A little bit of wind was miraging down the range running right-to-left, left-to-right and then going crystal clear.
I've started having my scorer do my shot plotting. Makes it less distracting for me and gets them involved.
Lunch was catered after the event. Had some new folks on my point and finally just started coaching and teaching to get them up to speed. One of those juniors who doesn't want to look through his scope at 600....and what's the fun in that?
Shot Berger 82 grainers at 600. I keep edging the powder charge up. No pressure signs and they are really flying. Going to edge it a couple more tenths.

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