Friday, April 26, 2013

Panola Regional Match Weekend.

  Sold out, as usual.  64 shooters fills the range.  I don't think there is a slot left.  We used to squeeze in an extra relay or add folks by pair-firing and shooting the rapids on an alibi relay, but Match Director Dave Wilson decided it was simpler for everyone if we played it straight.

  Today was team day and Ken Gaby and Dave put together teams out of the likely National Match shooters.  Some very strong scores turned in.  Seems like a 1949 point aggregate for four shooters each firing a 50 shot 500 point match won.  1919 was the next score down.  Winning was TSRA White with Buddy Reich, Randy Scheibel, Jeff Lin and Clay Hefner.  484s and up.

  A little over 40 folks today on a work-day Friday.  The full 64 tomorrow.  LEG match near capacity on Sunday plus a Pistol Leg afterwards.

Scheibel and Reich looking armed, yet confused.  They weren't.

Mitch and Zeke on the big end of the line.

Warren Vandiver getting his .223 face on.

Our Favorite Emily.

Zeke E. down on the big numbers with Mitch.

Katie Davis waiting on somebody else's problem.

Match Director Dave Wilson.

Consiglieri Karl Schultz gets the word.

A little service-rifle butt showing.

Izzy prepping for 200 sitting rapid.

Clay Hefner learns he missed Earth Day.


  In the pits.

Fine dining while calling the pits.

Schiebel and Riech target at 600.  

Miller shoots while Lauren Lecren calls the wind.

Dave with the numbers.

Beagle boys Tracker and Trigger.

Hefner breaks out the counter-jihad.

Tomorrow is the NRA Regional.  80 shots.

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Enjoy the time and shoot em good Robert!