Wednesday, April 10, 2013

AUX!!! Pickpockets!!!

I'm not surprised.  Louve staff goes on strike.  Inside the crowds around the famous art pieces are so close that it would be easy.  They are mostly after phones but happy to get anything, I expect.  We had a couple take a run at us, two young men with clipboards outside the Louve.  They got you rolling on the clipboard- with pen in hand, and then eased around beside you.  I could see mine shaping his hand for a dive into my open jacket zippered pocket.  As soon as he got set I would move a half step away and he would have to start the whole sequence over.  After three tries Dr. Yorke had enough and offered to beat his ass.  They left.  Fun to watch the process.  I'd hunt them if I was a local with a little suppressed .22 inside a briefcase.  That would be sporting.

Pickpockets in the Louve.


Mona crowd.

Imagine working this bunch.

Inside the I.M.Pei pyramid.


Anonymous said...

How about a little belt purse that was lined with fish hooks?

Anonymous said...

It's Louvre not Louve