Monday, April 29, 2013

Doug Giraud Legs out, Distinguished Rifle!

Doug Giraud legged out and finished his Distinguished Rifleman's Badge at Panola County Gun Club on Sunday.

  The club gave four Legs to non-distinguished shooters.  Jeff Lin, already Distinguished, won the match in a tie with several other shooters at 487, all separated by X-count.

Doug Giraud Video UP.

Doug Giraud and friends.

Sitting rapid.

Why you have bad dreams.

Zeke watches the scoring.

Katie Davis gets set for rapids at 200.

Randy Scheibel

Ron Leraas.

Larry Schemerhorn.
Some Junior who looks like a 15 year old Liz Taylor.

Lauren LeCren firing offhand.

Utley and Hefner.

Remy and his handler.

Em Hoggette.

Rol Coggins and a T-shirt beyond space and time.

David Keys plots standing at 200.

Two best Match Directors in Texas watching the show run.

Pistol CMP/LEG Match on Sunday afternoon.

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Old NFO said...

That's great and congrats to him! And if I tried to stand like young Miss Davis, they'd be hauling me off with TWO broken ankles... OUCH!