Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mont St Michele North Shore Video.

  Photographing along the North Shore at Mont St Michele.

The Abbye was closed and the tide low.  Put on the rubber boots and went for a stroll with the cam in the wind.  Great place!



Anonymous said...

Very nice and informing. The solitude of a windy spring day. Did you have any problems transporting all of the camera equipment on the airlines?

Old NFO said...

Very nice Sir!

Robert Langham said...

I carried my camera and lenses in a carry-on. Tripod was headless with the ends inside rubber boots in the checked baggage. Film holders in checked baggage inside an F64 pack I never used. Film carried in sheet film boxes in a ziplock. I had the TSA instructions. No problems. They swabbed the film boxes for explosive residue, got scanned through the carry-on scanner twice on the trip only. No problems. I ended up not using the big pack and could have done without it. Much less trouble than I anticipated.