Sunday, December 4, 2011

Distinguished Tatts.

Certificate signed by the Governor...or his autopen.

I've seen two, both at the National Matches. One on a shoulder and one on a calf. (human leg muscle, not a baby cow.) The tatt on the calf seemed very odd to me, but there you are. The freshly Distinguished Clay Hefner got a new Distinguished Badge shoulder tatt he was showing off at Panola while I was in Dallas. Photo as soon as I see him.

Last week I got a second place medal for being second in the Terrell Pistol Leg match and a letter telling me I had a Distinguished Pistol Medal coming. Also got a Governor's 20 pin and certificate signed by Governor Rick Perry for being in the top 20 finishers at the TSRA Service Rifle Match, (2nd, overall). Piling up the junk medals here.

Distinguished certificate arrived, making it a little more official. Still no medal.


Old NFO said...

Congrats, and you may call em junk, but not a lot of folks will ever see ONE of those, much less your collection :-)

David said...

Congratulations! I know a guy who could tattoo that whole certificate on your chest, if you are interested. :o)