Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Butler Creek.

Not much new or fun off the cams though I did a big circumnavigation of the swamp yesterday. Never done that. Moved one cam from the little knoll to up on a hillside where I never go- it replaced acam which got blinky when I moved it. I guess I need a couple new cams. Got three dead Moultires and three live ones.

Little buck going over a fence.

Coyote on the close cam. Ex coyote now, with regrets. I'm sure she was here looking for rabbit sign. They will be happier.

Never, ever have walked all the way around the old flooded beaver pond, now a cattail swamp. I did yesterday. It was the only season I could have made it through. Took a hour. Some parts so thick I had to push and arm through and then follow it. Beautiful sloughs down near the creek. No crossings except a temporary one over a fallen river birch. That won't last long.

Sat in the stand in the fading light. A little yellow coyote that I had glimpsed several times made the mistake of cutting across the pasture through the weeds. Should have just watched but I picked up the rifle.


Old NFO said...

One less Coyote to prey on the little ones...

Paul said...

Ok, now you shot it... are you gonna eat it?

If not, why not?