Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Walking Idiots.

Sunday, the Cowboys beat the Buffs...then we got another edition of the Walking Dead. Last week they were camping out on an anti-gun zealot's plantation. In the face of all reason and sanity, they disarmed. This week, the hot chick who wanted to off herself and couldn't be TRUSTED with a gun now has...um...gotten into it. She tries a prone 300+ yard headshot off the roof of the busted RV they drag from week to week, (wouldn't you have the latest, bestest, armored-up RV?), with a scoped Remington 700. No cheek weld, no natural-point-of-aim, no nothing but she actually grazed the walker....who turns out to be one of the team who has fallen off his horse, stabbed himself with his own arrow, come to with a walker eating his leg, hallucinated his brother and walked home.

Moral: When you come walking home late during the zombie epidemic, walk briskly!

Daryl's flashback showed white people to be stupid, ignorant, corrupt, manipulative, racists, but never mind that: The anti-gun headman who gives off stranger and stranger vibes has a locked barn full of zombies. I bet it makes milking time sporty.

Poor asian guy gets tasked with all secrets. He HATES secrets. He knows about the pregnancy, sex with the farmers daughter and now the barn full of shambling stiffs. Good deal.

Oh, the BIGGEST event of the whole series was the FIRST funny line of the whole script: The hot chick is blurbling about shooting Daryl in the head. Dale says "Hey babe, we've ALL wanted to shoot Daryl now and then."

Watching The Walking Dead is like watching the Cowboys. You better not expect much.


Bob said...

It's entertainment, after all. You can justify watching it by it being how not to survive a zombie apocalypse.

I don't think you can say that Daryl intentionally stabbed himself with the crossbow bolt. And the snake that the horse shied from was a genuine Southern Copperhead, rather than some western US species. A horse will even shy from a blacksnake, when it comes down to it. I've been riding horses before when they spooked at a snake; although they didn't buck or rear, they did in fact take off running, and it took a bit to get them back under control.

The hallucination that Daryl saw of Merle showed that Merle is the only racist among the white survivors. The other whites have acted with a fair amount of tolerance; even Daryl gave up medicine so that the black guy could survive. The black guy, when delirious, showed some racism, himself.

If the show survives, maybe sometime in the future we'll be shown an individual or group that really has a good idea about what it takes to survive such a scenario; if the show follows the plot of the comics it is based on, the group never really gets all that skilled at it.

No one is thinking in terms of makeshift armor, such as leather clothing or duct tape over sweats; they aren't searching for a place that can be fenced off from the zombies (it happens in the comics, but I won't spoil it).

Hell, the show is better than anything else out there about zombies. And you can bet your ass that the other networks are taking notice over the success of The Walking Dead. Maybe we'll get a better show if we clamor enough for one.

Anonymous said...

Bob, the problem is it just isn't entertaining. All angst,no action.


Earl said...

I got side tracked with the football start, thought you were talking about bad neighbors for a bit then remembered that you did say Walking Dead. Sigh, I put real Zombies with the were wolves and vampires - wasting my time. Now the Zombies that watch too much television and get all their wonderful ideas about economy, guns and government from the Main Stream Media. Well, they have trouble telling us about the Constitution, the Alamo, and how many of our neighboring countries we have fought.

300 meter head shot, is highly likely if it is entertainment, or practiced.

North said...

Daryl is the only person in the group worth saving.

Cormac said...

I'm really hoping that Blonde Chick becomes a character that I actually want to see survive...I wonder if this will help her wise-up.

If you want an awesome zombie show (plus vampires and werewolves) check out "Death Valley"
You can catch in on MTV's website under the "shows" tab. It's a bit like Reno 911...with the undead!