Thursday, November 10, 2011

Daily Deercam

Nice buck just under the hill.

Another earlier nice buck. Might be the same one.

New profile photo for facebook.

Finally some rubs appearing on small trees. In fact, I am setting up the decoy in the middle of a bunch of fresh ones. Also have the first real shootable bucks on cam. Maybe things are picking up.

Heading out for 8th session. Probably going across the creek to rattle near a big scrape that is cameraless. Haven't been in that tree since last year.


Doc said...

The Doc says: tie that one to a tree, I'll be there this weekend!

Old NFO said...

Good luck on the hunt!

Earl said...

Wanted to click the "like" button on the new picture for facebook.
But that one is a keeper.

WV revall (reveal all!)