Monday, November 21, 2011

Deercam Mysteries.

Here's what you usually get with this cam.

Sat for a bit last night across the creek. Just some screw in steps and a green walmart chair in the fork of an Oak tree. Watches the scrape where I usually have a little corn shaken out. The cam has seemed to be a reliable cam. I hunted until I could see Jupiter shining in the East. It had gotten dark under the trees but I could still see a little with my scope. Crosshairs still clear enough.
Just as I decided to climb down, the gamecam flash went off. I put the rifle up to watch and it went off twice more. I couldn't spot anything but there are two big pine trunks between me and the actual scrape. Cam waited a minute and did three more flashes, 20 seconds apart. I waited a bit more and then came down in the full dark.

Something snorted at me but it didn't sound like much. No stampede. I went to the cam with my reader, pulled the card for a look.....and had NOTHING on the card. No files. For some reason the Moultrie didn't make a photo, though it fired the flash six times. Weird.

I didn't get blank files....I got NO files. Nothing on the card. Wonder how often this happens?

I at least expect THIS much!


Old NFO said...

That IS weird... Sounds like the camera is having a fit on ya...

Anonymous said...

Flying squirrels.