Thursday, November 24, 2011

Daily Deercam.

There's a deer way in the back.

Crows flying from cam to cam eating corn.

Solitary doe out checking the scrapes. I'd bet she's in heat.

Bobcat out doing Bobcat things.

Doe checking out the cam tree.

Crows having an early Thanksgiving.

Little buck who is the son of the one I shot last year. Walking past the cam in a heavy rain.

Little buck at the scrape and corn pile just across the creek.

Not seeing any deer in person the last few times out. My impression is that they are across the creek. Haven't seen a shootable trophy buck on any of my cams all season, though I know they are out there. Rattling has had indifferent results: only one small buck actually came in to being rattled up, though I did panic some does a couple weeks back. Hard hunting but no results. Typical deer season.

Creek was up for a day but yesterday I marked a trail over into an area where I never go. Ought to put a tree seat up over there. Plenty of sign. Second rut cueing up. Rarely hear a shot from a deer rifle these days.

Zipped on my Swiss coveralls more than 20 times. Carried my new rifle once, relying on my old reliable Ruger 7X57. Fell off a wet bare pine log two days ago that I normally stroll along on when crossing through the pixie sticks- an area where a bunch of big pines died and fell a few years back. Spilled a little corn but didn't even give myself a bump. Certainly happens quickly. Before you can blink you are on the ground. Was wearing standard 5.11 boots. Just didn't appreciate how slick those pines can get. Corn mostly gone yesterday when I walked down the same tree. Creeks back down after the rain. All the trail sign is reset by the rain.

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