Monday, November 17, 2014

Texas State Rifle Association Garand/1903 Springfield/M1 Carbine/Vintage Military/Modern Military State Championship.

  I guess that would be the TSRAGSCVMM, or something like that.  Seasonal weather cut the comfort factor but folks seemed to shoot along briskly in spite of it.  Two days of shooting under the organizational skills of TSRA Match Director Karl Schultz with assistance from John Jebaby, Dave Wilson, Roy Plumlee running a Service Pistol Match and Ron Leraas on the Carbine line.  Thanks to all those guys for putting on a solid weekend of shooting.

  As usual, the old wooden rifles came out of the safes and closets and acquitted themselves with normal accuracy.  Karl Schultz issued 30-06 ammo for the Garand and Springfield match and we shot through quite a bit of CMP HXP.

  Here's some photos from Saturday and just a few minutes of the action.  Four relays shot each day with 16 shooters for the CMP Bulls-eye Service Pistol LEG match on Sunday.

The Shooting McDaniels Clan burning HXP.  

The Swashbuckling John Ilzhofer preps an AR carbine for the Modern Military Match.

John Jebaby on the line.

Target scored at the new 200 yard berm.

David Keys fires his 1903A3 Springfield.

The McDaniels getting their shooting faces on.

Mitchell Hogg anchored the line on the high end with his dad's 1903A3.

The line firing under slightly misty conditions.

Competitors headed downrange to score targets.

Many Swiss K31s now find themselves in Texas.

Jebaby firing Garand.

Part of the line from above.

A Swiss K31 almost too pretty to shoot!

Eric McDaniel on his way to medaling with a gun three times as old as he is.

A gorgeous Garand between strings.

Les Baer only comes out for LEG it was happy.

Firing center line.

This is kind of how it went, for me.

Bill Aten firing a Swede.

Keith Stephens watches Will Willhite shoot M1 Garand.

  Thanks to the Terrell Rifle and Pistol Club for hosting us again.  That's a great facility.


Old NFO said...

Great pics Robert! Thanks for showing the old guns still running fine!!!

Windy Wilson said...

I love these pictures of the rifles in action. And I loved your 2013 calendar for TSRA.

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