Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New Moultrie cam.

New cam has a MUCH less wild-angle view.  Every other cam I have owned, (and that's getting to be a pile now...), hasn't had this narrow angle.  Always something new.

  Feeder was vomiting corn all over.  I turned the time and intensity down.  Battery probably dead now and I don't have a charger yet.

  Haven't checked it in a week.  This is kind of a lost deer season as other events over-ride hunting.  I noticed how many dead does were along the highway last Tuesday when I drove to Longview for a photoshoot.  That was probably the heart of the rut.  Tapering off now.  

  Going to have to move this cam back.  It does point North for good lighting.  Have to find another tree.  Most of the files were blank plus a couple IR frames.  I obviously don't understand it yet.


Old NFO said...

Sorry it's been a bust!

Anonymous said...

I would say the peak was around opening weekend in the North Country near the Red River but I agree that it seems to be tapering off. There will still be little peaks and valleys about every 28 days till February. My son wants to go duck hunting, that is a sure sign the rut has peaked.