Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dead Moultrie Cam and a kicked over deer.

Nothing new about lousy dying Moultries but something knocked down the deer decoy and then dug up the ground next to it.  Could have been any little deer- even a doe.  I think they may have peed on the decoy as well.

Dug out area with the deepest point right at the nose of the fallen decoy.

It ain't easy being a decoy!

Left it up and out.  The wind could have blown it down.  Wasn't damaged but someone made quite a display.  Dig out full of deer tracks.  Moultrie took three photos of me when I walked up but nothing over the two days previous.  Then it died.  Batteries usually last a month so it isn't that.  One-year-old cam.


Old NFO said...

It's getting about time for rut, wonder if 'that' is what happened?

Paul said...

I use cheap Walmart B&W $50 cameras. They even use flash, not IR.

They have worked for 3 years now. But I do admit, 'C' batteries are a pain.

Have some real good bucks on film but they don't keep any schedule. Might see them one day, or one night, or not at all for days.