Monday, November 4, 2013

Cams and corn piles running.

Little stripey pigs on the cam behind the house and LOTS of pig sign.  Ought to be able to shoot one back there, if I so chose.  A dead one was laying in the trail over the indian village when I went in to sit for a little bit this morning.  Buzzards starting to swoop over.   Deer had been all over the corn on the other cam.  Pretty sporty trails still.  Need some marking tape.  All well in the tree seat.

We certainly have the pigs.  Didn't take long.

Two does and a little nubbin buck.

Behind the house.  There was a shot of a nursing yearling and doe....

.....and lots of pigs.  Eight of the little ones in one shot.  I need to lower the angle on both cams.

Nice little eight point.  Not shootable for me but glad to see him.

Everything reset and re-corned.  I put the old bottle back next to the base of the tree.  We'll see what happens next!

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Anonymous said...

Those pigs have Watermelon markings, if watermelons were brown anyway.