Thursday, November 7, 2013

Daily Deercam

Pretty exciting times!  No hogs but deer and SWAT folks.  One of the neighbors had a handyman working who turned out to be wanted by the police.  They came out and he ran into the bottom.  They brought dogs and people.  Unknown how it turned out but he ran on a bad weather day.  Bottom tough.



Sheriffs deputy and dogs.

I adjusted both cameras down.  The other cam had a deer and some coons on it, but doesn't seem to be as sensitive as this one.  That's the way it goes with cams.

Little buck.  A year and a half old.  Grew his first horns.

Nicer deer but not a shooter for me.  Hope he makes it through the season.  Was in my tree this morning and heard the powerline guys shoot two different times.  Could be misses or pigs.  Or someone like this.

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