Sunday, September 8, 2013

Panola County Gun Club Sept Match.

  We just had 20 folks shooting on a warm day so we cut the 80 shot match to 50 shots- (Thank You, Dave Wilson!).  A well-run match as usual because everyone knows what to do.  Dave, Karl, Me and Rusty Hogg ran the radios down center line and we tried to roll along to get back to 600 and under the shade.

  Shot lousy standing and then OK the rest of the way.  Cleaned sitting rapid and prone rapid with match rifle.  First match for me since early June and glad to be able to shoot a little.

  Conditions for shooting were dusty but overall pretty good.  Mirage swapped sides now and then and the light came and went with the clouds.  By the time it got danger-hot we were under the roof at 600.  Dave kept a cooler of waterbottles on his truck tailgate.

I just iphoned around a bit. .

Getting sorted out for standing prep.

Men in pits.

First relay in pits.  Miller, Utley, Hefner, Reich, Foster.

Em Hogg gearing up for 300 rapid.

Rusty Hogg firing at 600.

Laying out my Noslers for 600 yards.

Karl Schultz firing at 600.

Clay Hefner with adult supervision on the next firing point.

600 yard plotting.  Mirage was pretty thick but not this thick.  7 at 9:00 wasn't on call, but some of the other shots weren't either.

TSRA Director Karl Schultz sitting for a fresh profile photo.


Old NFO said...

Glad y'all got some shooting in, and I can imagine it was WARM to say the least!

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