Monday, September 2, 2013

.22LR on Pigs.

  Two-thirds done with the state requirements for after-dark deer surveys up near Clarksville.  This time like most times, we ran into some pigs while counting deer.  A little herd of eight to ten scattered across in front of us and Alan stopped the Bronco and lit them up.  I had a suppressed Ruger 10/22 with Wolf Match Target subsonics, (40 grain), in the magazine.  With that load the gun sounds like a big industrial stapler.  I could hear the bullets hitting the pigs and shot doubles and triples on every target I could find.  I think I shot eight times and heard all of them hit except one.  Two pigs were down and at least one other was hit.  Maybe more.

  There might have been a couple bigger but I started with the first one in the light and shot until they were gone.  Closest shot was about 20 yards and the farthest at 50.  Not much to the shooting.  I was firing at the front shoulder but really would have ultimately shot at any part of a pig.  It was mostly up to Alan and the lighting. Whole shooting took no longer than about seven seconds.  These two were in the 40-60 lb range.


Old NFO said...

Nice, but I wouldn't want to try that on a bigger one... :-)

Anonymous said...

What do you do with the dead pigs? Leave them there? Cut them open to help the scavengers? Bury them? Process for sausage?