Monday, September 16, 2013

Disturbing Video. Police making their own reputation, cont.

  One of those "laws are for the little people" incidents.  Very disturbing to have folks arrested for legal activity.  Bike police walked up and put noses in video cams....then threatened to arrest folks for "shoving cameras in their faces."  No policeman corrected any other LEO- they all covered for each other, even when they read the law.  The supervisors who are sent to supervise have to play stupid and say they don't know WHY the troopers are arresting the citizens.  It reminds me of the LEO-gone-wild events during Katrina at New Orleans.  Lotta video taken which helps keep everyone honest and the violence to a minimum.

  What would this look like if the troopers knew and respected Texas Law?  They would walk up, with courtesy ask the folks if they were carrying pre-1899 holstered guns, confirm that and say they would deal with the folks who were calling, then wish the activists a good day. Instead we get a debacle.

  Arrested:  a pastor, a disabled guy and a vet.  Does that look significant to anyone but me?

  Land commissioner Jerry Patterson weighed in and said the guys need to be released and the charges dropped.  Now.

  More.    And more.

  Update:  Extraordinary to watch.  The activists are making their points very plain and the LEO folks are revealed for who they are.  Notice- there is never any question that public safety or property is ever threatened by these citizens, nor do the police ever even make that accusation.  It's all about who has the power.  They arrest these guys for unloaded black powder pistols which are legal to carry and IGNORE, (because activists have established that they are legal to carry), modern rifles on the same site.  Very ugly to watch.

  LEO agencies, though beloved by function of the left, (Ideas so good they have to be mandatory!!!!) are never respected or supported.  Now the LEOs are about to lose the traditional support they have enjoyed from the right.  They don't seem to care, having long ago become self-supporting and independent of the citizenry and constitution.  They mostly seem to react to protect LEO ego and territory, like a gang.  That's not just some knotheaded DPS Troopers at the Austin Capitol- it's nationwide.  It's a very dangerous and ugly situation for the country.

  We are going to see more of this, not less.  I'm sure the police agencies are screaming to the legislators to write new gun laws right now.  They might get those laws, or they might not.  They are losing support on the right very quickly.  Our over-regulated and super-surveliance police state squeezes the citizenry....and activists are popping out like crazy.  The more you crush human spirit and freedom, the more start standing up.  Trying to hammer those folks back down into the sheep level using the same mechanism that popped them up doesn't seem like a working strategy.

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Damn... Not good, you would 'think' they would know the law...